Your vehicle's road to recovery.

Caliber’s Repair Process

Since day one, we have remained intensely focused on restoring the rhythm of our customers’ lives. This has resulted in a fine-tuned collision repair process that both maximizes the quality and streamlines the repair of every vehicle we handle. So from the free estimate to the on-time delivery to the lifetime warranty, we’re here to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Here’s a quick look at our repair process:


1. The Accident

  • Contact insurance carrier
  • Drop by or schedule an appointment

2. Your Estimate

  • Prepare estimate
  • Arrange rental car
  • Insurance company review
  • Provide contact info for updates via phone, email or text

3. Vehicle Disassembly

  • Vehicle taken apart to identify all damage
  • Customer and insurance company approval
  • Estimated completion date sent via phone, email or text

4. Vehicle Repair

  • Body, parts and mechanical repairs
  • First quality inspection
  • Confirm delivery date via phone, email or text

5. Vehicle Paint

  • Body smoothing and sanding
  • Primer, paint and clear coat applied
  • Second quality inspection

6. Vehicle Reassembly

  • Vehicle put back together
  • Final delivery date reminder sent via phone, email or text

7. Quality Assurance

  • Light detailing
  • Final Service Advisor quality assurance check
  • Vehicle test-drive as needed

8. On-Time Delivery

  • Pick up your vehicle on time
  • Get back to the rhythm of your life

9. Lifetime Warranty

  • Lifetime warranty at any Caliber location

Contact us anytime at 1.888.CALIBER (225-4237)