Caliber Classic

Our annual Caliber Classic golf tournament is one more way we're driven - and driving - to restore the rhythm of people's lives. Since our inaugural tournament in 2016, we’ve raised more than $265,000 through the incredible generosity of our teammates and partners.

This year, all proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association, one of the biggest non-profit organizations in the nation, dedicated to giving back to our communities with initiatives such as:


The Cotes du Coeur event series is a premiere fundraising campaign hosted annually in Dallas, Texas. Sponsored by the Dallas Division of the AHA, it all leads up to an annual fine wine auction and celebrity chef dinner. The event series is the number one fundraising gala in the nation for the AHA. Over its 27-year history, Cotes du Coeur has attracted more than 24,000 attendees and has raised more than $38 million.


Every year, we set down our shop tools and pick up our walking shoes. This event takes place all across the country, raising funds and encouraging others to live happier and healthier lives through heart-healthy activities. In 2018, nearly one million people participated in over 300 events, and we’re proud to be a part of that movement. Step by step, we can walk all over heart disease.

Caliber Classic 2020 will be a real hole-in-one, and we're fired up for the positive impact the American Heart Association will make in our communities across the nation.