Rhythm Restoration Food Drive

Our 6th Annual Rhythm Restoration Food Drive gave a record-breaking number of kids the fuel they need to truly enjoy their summer: food on their plates.

Over the course of five weeks, more than 10,000 of our teammates went above and beyond, rallying customers, local business partners and the public to donate 3.2 million meals for children in need this summer while school’s out.

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We don’t think service should be limited to restoring vehicles to pre-accident condition. That’s why we started the Rhythm Restoration Food Drive, an employee-driven effort to collect food and online donations for local food banks in the communities we serve.

Over the past six years, our annual Food Drive has collected thousands of pounds of food and over $1.2 million in cash, making that more than 10.1 million meals for food banks in the communities across the 17 states we serve in.

According to Feeding America, 1 in 5 children in the U.S. worry about when they’ll have their next meal. Hunger is especially devastating in childhood. Studies show that proper nutrition is critical to a child’s physical, emotional and learning development. The problem is especially acute during the summer months when at-risk children do not have access to subsidized school lunch programs.

Each summer, kids who depend on school lunches for regular meals turn to local food banks for assistance. This means they need extra help to ensure those in need don’t go hungry. Thank you to all who donated to help restore the rhythm of children's lives this summer.

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