Recycled Rides®

Every day, struggling families from across the country worry about how they’ll get to work, see the doctor, and stock up on groceries without reliable transportation. This program works to put an end to these hardships by presenting highly deserving families with newly refurbished vehicles. Over the years, we’ve joined forces with the National Auto Body Council's Recycled Rides® program and many insurance providers to obtain and refurbish each vehicle back to perfect working order. Since 2012, we have gifted more than 350 vehicles to veterans, active duty service members and others in need of reliable transportation, and look forward to more in 2019.

The first graduating class of our new Changing Lanes program in Fayetteville, NC, gifts a vehicle they restored to a deserving veteran.

Please note that at this time, Caliber Collision is not accepting Recycled Rides applications directly from individuals. Caliber Collision partners with local nonprofit charitable organizations to qualify and select potential Recycled Rides recipients. In many cases, these organizations are also able to provide a full continuum of support services beyond transportation.

Individuals who need assistance with transportation should contact local family assistance programs. Some of the organizations Caliber has partnered with include:

1-800-Charity Cars

Allies in Service

Armed Services YMCA

Family Promise

Heroes On The Water

Mission Continues

Soldier’s Angels

Support The Enlisted Program (STEP)

Veterans Resource Center


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