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Automobiles these days are basically computers on wheels. The technology, called ADAS, is used for features such as stability control, lane-keep assist, automatic braking and adaptive cruise control. They all rely on perfectly-calibrated sensors.

As part of every repair, we perform what’s known in the collision repair business as a “diagnostic pre-and post-scan.” The one thing you need to know is that scanning and calibration keep you safe when you’re back on the road.

When we scan your car, we don’t just give it a quick once-over. We pull detailed reports from your car’s computer that point out any damaged sensors, then double-check our work after the repair. Depending on the year of your car, car manufacturers require all repaired vehicles to be scanned and calibrated during the repair process, but we go the extra mile by scanning yours before and after regardless of year to ensure that your car is properly restored and as safe as ever.

The ABCs of ADAS:

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS, pronounced AY-doss) allow drivers to enjoy safer rides and keep their eyes on the road.

Because ADAS rely on sensors – like cameras, accelerometers and LIDAR (lasers) – each one has to be right on the money, or all of the car’s systems won’t perform like they’re supposed to. All of these sensors work together as the eyes and ears of your car, sending everything they learn to the car’s computer.

When you bring your car in for a broken bumper – if we simply repair the bumper and put it back in place, but don’t calibrate the sensors connected to it, that could cause problems for you on the road. This makes driving dangerous for you, your passengers and others around you. That’s what we keep in mind when we’re repairing your vehicle.

At Caliber, we do extensive scanning and calibration before we hand you the keys, so you can drive away safe and secure, knowing that every feature will work just like before. It’s just one more way we’re here to fulfill our Purpose – Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life. ®

Learn more about pre- and post-scanning here.

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