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We’re proud of our commitment to restoring the rhythm of customers’ lives. But we’re not the only ones. Below, you’ll find real reviews from many of the hundreds of thousands of customers we’ve completely satisfied. In fact, we invite you to submit your own feedback right here on our site. It’s just one of the reasons your complete satisfaction isn’t just a goal. It’s what drives us.

"I've had my 1992 bimmer convertible for many years now. A few weeks ago I had an unavoidable mishap with a truck tire on the freeway which proceeded to tear up the front of my car and cause $3k in damage. My first instinct was to take the car to Caliber as the San Diego shop had fixed one of my newer BWWs a few years back. AAA told me to take it to a shop up here in the high desert. They looked at it and remarked how nice the car was (minus the front end damage). An hour later they called and said they didn't want to deal with my car as it was "too old". I asked if I could take it to Caliber and they agreed. The insurance company wanted to total the car saying that the value of the repairs would outweigh the value of the car. They hadn't considered the condition of my car or the recent change in status from the e30 325i convertible which is now considered a collector among BMW buyers. I was not going to let them total my car which was in perfect condition aside from the recent damage. Once AAA saw pictures of the car and after speaking with Dave over at Caliber, they decided to allow the repairs. In no time after that the parts were ordered and the car repaired. His enthusiastic review of my car to the AAA agent saved the deal. Overall everyone was very friendly, professional, and went above and beyond to make sure that my collector BMW was in good hands and restored back to its pre-incident condition. I am very pleased with the results and overall experience with both AAA as my insurance company and with Caliber Collision here in Hesperia." - Kurt

"It makes the entire experience as painless and pleasant as possible, from the first estimate to the updates to delivery. Your entire team is first rate and deserves a round of applause!" - Lon

"Jay was awsome! He is very professional, sincere and efficient. Always repaired the car quicker than expected. He works beyond expectations. Thank you!" - Ulara

"I love Caliber Collision. Every employee that I had contact with was happy, fun, and optimistic. They remembered who I was when I walked through the door and treated me like a friend. I got text updates every day while my car was being repaired. My car looks even better than it did before my accident. Caliber even installed my new hubcaps for free! I will definitely use them for repairs in the future! :)" - Stacia

"The great service and competent help we received were A+ Would use them again if we have another problem.." - Joyce