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Well, it’s that time of the year again. Where love is in the air, and new car buyers rush into New Year deals without running a background check. Well, don’t give the petal to the metal just yet, because we have a list of eligible cars you’re sure to fall head over wheels for.

Type: Compact car
Likes to: have fun, but stay safe
Summary: Our favorite in its category last year, we knew the Civic would be a capable companion. But it turned out to be even more of a dreamboat (or car) than we had ever imagined. Smart, reliable, gets great gas mileage and good with kids? What more could you want? And not to mention it has more than meets the eye going on under the hood
with its all-new turbocharged engine. Just an absolute delight – outside and in.

Type: Hybrid
Likes to: save money and help the environment
Summary: Sure, not the flashiest one in the bunch, but there’s a lot to be said for the quiet ones. The Prius, as always, continues to outperform those in its category, and who isn’t attracted to success? It’s safe, nimble, slightly more stylish, and the revised engine comes with a whopping 95 horsepower. Now we know that’s not much, but remember: with the new battery pack, it doesn’t have to go fast just as long as it can go for hours. It truly is more than meets the eye.

2016 MAZDA CX-3
Type: SUV
Likes to: work hard, play hard
Summary: Small, stylish, and sporty – this hot little number is sure to turn more than just a few heads. Tame in the streets, but an animal off them, this one is ready to roll at a moment’s notice. But don’t think you’re gonna play it fast and loose because the CX-3 aims to set the standard for active safety. And with lane-departure warning, rear cross-traffic alert and Smart Brake Support, you won’t have to worry, because they can take care of themselves.

Type: Truck
Likes to: Get things done
Summary: More modern, more efficient, more capable – the new Tacoma really is a truck of all trades. On the outside, it has a new and improved look that grab’s your attention without sacrificing its rugged handling-ness. Inside, it’s quietly breaking new ground by, well, being quiet, bringing new meaning to “strong, silent type.” And don’t worry, that sturdy foundation we’ve all grown to know is still very much intact, so feel free to test its limits. All in all, the Tacoma is ready, it’s able, and it wants to take you out – way out.

Type: Luxury sedan
Likes to: live the suite life
Summary: Beautiful, strong, and true to form, the C-Class is exactly that – class. Pure, unadulterated class. Turning your usual commutes into an unusually fun driving experience. It’s quiet, but confident in itself. Then again, how could it not to be; not-so-large and turbocharged, the 4-cylinder engine has plenty of kick to get you from A to B to whichever other letter you want. And for those worried the C-Class is a little out of your league, know that it falls in the $45,000 range. So, get out there.

That’s our take on 2016’s most-suitable suitors. But if it wasn’t love at first sight, don’t just take our word for it. Feel free to go on a few test drives, and see if something clicks. Who knows, the car of your dreams might be the one you’ve been with all along. Either way, we hope it’s a perfect match. And if you hit a rough patch, feel free to give us a call. As always, we’re here to help mend broken cars.

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