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Auto Body Shop: Brooklyn Park Location

8216 Lakeland Avenue N. Brooklyn Park, MN 55445 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. M-F

Brooklyn Park  Details

Conveniently located near the southeast corner of Lakeland Avenue N. and 83rd Avenue N. Opened 2019. I-CAR Gold Class recognized. ASE-certified technicians. Having you as a satisfied customer is our principal goal here at Caliber Collision’s Brooklyn Park location. Our conveniently located shop allows us to serve the communities of Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Maple Grove, Anoka, and beyond, and it’s our pleasure to do so.

About  Brooklyn Park

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service, regardless of the reason for your visit. From auto glass to dent removal to complete auto body repair, Caliber is a one-stop-shop for all of your collision needs.

We’ve cemented ourselves as a leader in the collision repair industry and starts with our customer-centric approach to doing business. We work with each customer to keep them updated on each step of the process, and we’re conveniently located next to an Enterprise Car Rental should you require a rental vehicle.

At Caliber, Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life® is our mission, and it’s central to everything we do. Our customers expect consistent, accurate, and quality repairs, and we take our commitment to providing that service seriously. Strong communication is critical to our ability to provide exemplary service to each customer. We provide each customer with updates through each step of the process; from the moment you first consult with a member of our team through to the moment you pick up your vehicle after it’s repaired.

Through our service-minded approach to auto body repair, we’ve been able to establish a strong foundation in each of the communities we serve. Each day, we work to strengthen our bonds within our community, and we do so through a number of initiatives that allow us to give back to our customers and their families. Brooklyn Park has a vibrant community of veterans and active service people, and we’re honored to give back to them through programs like the 3M Hire Our Heroes campaign, which allows us to work with veterans to provide education and training as they acclimate to civilian life.

Our own Changing Lanes initiative allows us to reinforce our commitment to veterans with an 18-week program in collision repair, available exclusively to our armed forces. Through the Recycled Rides program, we’ve donated over three hundred vehicles to service members in need, and we look forward to giving many more.

Through our Rhythm Restoration Food Drive, we have been able to provide millions of meals to children in need throughout the communities that we serve. Beyond our commitment to customer service, we’re also committed to best practices that reduce our impact on the environment. Caliber has been a pioneer in developing water-based finishing techniques, which reduce the strain on the environment. We also use vacuum-assisted sanders, which capture up to 90% of particulate matter. These are just a few of our green initiatives.

From the simplest repairs to the most involved, our qualified technicians are standing by to deliver the highest level of service to you and your family. Feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Center at 1.888.CALIBER (225-4237) to schedule an appointment or to drop off your vehicle today! Click here to schedule an appointment and here to receive a free online estimate.


Windshield Repair
Auto Glass Repair
Collision Repair
Paintless Dent Repair
Fender Repair
Dent Removal
Bumper Repair
Paint Repair

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- Jared VogtOct 21, 2020

"Price is a little high, but they have great service, very friendly, and respectful."

- Deandra SharberOct 15, 2020

"Awesome service and awesome peopl and the service is real quick 😀 😎 👍 👏 😊 thanks Aaron 😊 😀 👍 🙏 😄 ☺ 😊"

- Jon WestOct 8, 2020

"I recently had the misfortune of having a grouse (bird) fly into my vehicle. It became lodged between my bumper and headlight assembly. It dented the corner of my bumper in, and broke a post holding my headlight assembly in place and keep it stable. I attempted to pull the grouse out, and failed. I was concerned about incurring further damage resulting in a higher repair cost if I kept attempting to remove it myself. I drove to the same ABRA Body Shop, now Caliber Collision in Brooklyn Park that I have used for over fifteen years. I have always received great service, and have always left feeling great, and thoroughly impressed with the work done to my vehicle. This most recent trip to Caliber Collision was no different. I made it over to Caliber Collision with just a few minutes before they closed, and just wanted them to answer the simple question of if this repair will exceed my $500.00 deductible, so I could go scrape up the money, and call them back to set up an appointment. The General Manager came out of his office, when he started to hear my story, and offered to come take a look, and answer my question. As he started to assess it, he pushed down on the bumper, and removed the grouse. At this point, Caliber Collison was essentially closed for the day, but he had me pull around the shop where he removed the dent in my bumper. He told me how to further assess the damage at home, and how to remove the one side of my bumper, so I could clean out what was left of the grouse, and check on the headlight assembly for damage. He showed me what to look for as the headlight assembly would most likely loosen over time. He showed me the cracked paint on my bumper from it being dented, and then showed me the overall condition of my bumper with all the rock chips in the paint, and times where it most likely got pulled too far into a snow bank, or fence post. He shared how the process works with the insurance company and that they would end up only painting the surrounding area of the bumper where the grouse had struck it. He advised that it wouldn't be worth the deductible to repair it. He told me that if it was up to him, that he would just wait through the oncoming winter and instead have the whole bumper painted when the paint cracked off due to the extremely cold temperatures. I accepted his advice, and waited for him to write up a work order, so I could pay for his time and efforts, and any associated shop supplies, etc. He said it wasn't worth the short amount of time he spent to write it up, but sincerely hoped I would come back to Caliber Collision for future body shop repairs. I told him that was an easy decision to make for me. That he earned my business over fifteen years ago, and this shop has fixed five of my vehicles, with a sixth coming in the following week for a rust repair around the windshield. I told him that I have steered friends, family, and co-workers to seek out one of his employees by name, so they could get the same meticulous work done on their vehicles. Only to find out they many of them got the same level of quality work done by that employee's co-workers. I thanked him profusely. He knew then that he had just treated one of Caliber Collision's long time customers the right way, yet again. I also noted that they have their prevention of the spread of COVID-19 procedures down pat, and felt safe the entire time I was there. If you want body work meticulously done the right way, then go to Caliber Collison in Brooklyn Park. You'll drive away like I have, every time, feeling good about the work that was done, and how good your vehicle looks again."

- Dirt RailbackSep 24, 2020


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