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Auto Body Shop: Temple Location

2702 West Avenue M Temple, TX 76504 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. M-F

Temple  Details

Conveniently located near 1-35 in Temple, TX. I-CAR Gold Class recognized. ASE-certified technicians.

About  Temple

Dedicated to having your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible, Caliber Collision in Temple, TX, is focused on restoring you to the rhythm of your life®. With services including painting, auto glass repair, and dent repair, all of our work includes a written lifetime warranty and is performed with exceptional auto body repair and customer service. Having customer satisfaction is what drives our team, and we are positive you will be pleased with the results. Throughout the repair process, we will provide you with continual updates on your vehicle as we move quickly to return it back to pre-accident condition. At Caliber Temple, no job is too major or minor for us to handle.

With our convenient location, we are the ideal collision repair center for Temple and the surrounding areas including Belton, Gatesville, Salado, and Troy. We are equipped to serve business fleets, families, college students, and military. We are devoted to being environmentally friendly and leading the industry with our green commitment. In an effort to make this process easier, we have complimentary shuttle services available to our customers. Our repair technicians are here to assist you with any repair services your vehicle requires.

Caliber Temple is focused on helping our local community, and we are able to give back to families in need through the Celebration of Love.

We are here to provide Temple with remarkable repair services, and we thank you for choosing us to repair your vehicle both today and for years to come. Simply call our Customer Service Center at 1.888.CALIBER (225-4237) to make an appointment or to leave your vehicle with us today! Click here to schedule an appointment and here to receive a free online estimate.


Windshield Repair
Auto Glass Repair
Collision Repair
Paintless Dent Repair
Fender Repair
Dent Removal
Bumper Repair
Paint Repair


Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram

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- Johnny BlazeJan 20, 2020

"Oh boy, where to begin... I will start with how I came to the Avenue M location. My 2013 Honda Accord was sent to the Belton location by USAA, and it took multiple attempts for repairs. The repairs were of such poor quality, that USAA and Caliber elevated the issue and sent us to the regional manager and the manager of this store. I was dismayed that I had already been without driving the vehicle since before Halloween, and Christmas was within a few days. The local manager took the car apart for inspection, and kept at it until all questionable repairs were removed. Then the process of putting the car back together started. The local manager authorized repairs that were above and beyond. Some of the repairs were made as a good will gesture, others were made to ensure the car looked repaired to the point the remedies were indistinguishable from OEM installation. There was a lot of pride and care put into this vehicle. By the time we got the vehicle returned, some of the idiosyncrasies of a Honda had been forgotten, and we had to go back to the shop and ask the manager to look at the car again. He assured us what we noticed was normal for a Honda. We left satisfied, and felt comfortable, that we had the repair warranty to back up their work. I am here to tell you not all Caliber locations are equal; much as it is with anything, some people and locations perform better than others. While I won’t be recommending the Belton location, I have so much praise for the Avenue M location, that I'm confident when recommending this location. If you are not completely satisfied, the regional manager will actively work to see to it you are satisfied. The regional manager sent me to the Avenue M location, and I please that he did... my car is beautiful, and looks amazing. The local manager took charge and made things right, which is a tough task, as he had to start by undoing someone else’s work. I work on computers, and it can be a daunting task to take over after someone else has “fixed” it. The local manager performed incredibly well after being given a dumpster fire, and told to make something great from junk. Had the local manager not saved the day, I would have sued USAA for not having the car repaired properly. It was a win for USAA and Caliber, as I would have posted all over the internet if it was never right. Now, I post everywhere I can, hoping that it will be seen by local residents. I am also hopeful that Caliber corporate offices will recognize the local managers for their efforts."

- JD EvansJan 20, 2020

"First, I want to ensure Joey and Maurice receive my apology for not being able to follow up and look at the electronics of the car first hand. I was very concerned that after a third attempt, my car was not completely repaired. We came to this point, because the Caliber Collision in Belton was not able to repair my car after two attempts, and the repairs that had been made were of questionable quality. Maurice was notified of an unsatisfied customer, and he selected Joey as the point-man to make things right. What was asked of Joey was a tough task; he was given a vehicle that was not repaired correctly, and a customer and father that was irate. I am an intense individual, and when my daughter complained that her vehicle was not fixed correctly, I called USAA and complained loudly. I was not rude to Joey, but let him know right up front that I was highly dissatisfied how the Belton location treated me and wasted my time. Joey worked with Maurice to ensure my vehicle was returned to the same or better condition than before the accident. I do not question how long it took for the Temple location to rectify what was done in Belton, as it was a mess. I am appreciative that Maurice followed the process, start to finish. I am also appreciative that Joey was thorough, and made a concerted effort to make it right for the customer. When we received the Honda on Friday the 17th of January, it was raining, and we did not get a chance to fully appreciate the craftsmanship. Today the sun was shining brightly, and the car is beautiful. My daughter has not driven this car since the accident on 25 October 2019. When we got it back, she was unfamiliar with the idiosyncrasies of the Honda, and we thought something was wrong. I do not blame her, as she is a young driver, and has not driven for quite some time. She was hit from behind, and it took a while before she felt like driving any car; thus, we questioned some of the repair, when in fact there was no need. It is for those reasons why Joey and Maurice deserved my apology. From a corporate perspective, there is no reason why Maurice should have to contend with the issues that were brought about by what happened in Belton. Maurice dealt with the issue and circumstances with aplomb. He was correct to enlist Joey to oversee the repair of my vehicle. I was prepared to give Joey a considerable amount of time to return my vehicle. It took him roughly 24 days. That it took 24 days, should be telling about what was or was not done in Belton. The takeaway from this situation is that Caliber has two competent personnel that salvaged a poor situation. USAA was sure to be interested in how their member was treated, the angry father was going to ensure his daughter was driving a car with the proper safety features and structural integrity intact, and the young driver is a maven of social media; which gave each party’s impressions of service and events enhanced importance. Please convey to Maurice and Joey my gratitude. If I were Caliber Collision, I would make sure that these two individuals are retained; as they took a potentially negative situation and met it head on, with the net result being positive reviews on multiple websites. Sincere thanks, JD"

- Olga SchmidtJan 19, 2020

"Great job! Thank you!"

- michelle souzaJan 9, 2020

"Great location, awesome customer service. They keep you informed on the status of your vehicle, and pay attention to any little detail. They care about the work that goes into your car and it shows. I will definitely recommend this location to anyone who needs their car serviced!"

- Albert ConnerNov 26, 2019

"I was just getting prices to have my truck painted. The guy didn't mind taking the time to listen even though I told him up front that I was still shopping around."

- Larry GlodtNov 21, 2019

"Good body shop. Expect to wait awhile for repairs"

- Renee MoralesNov 14, 2019

"They did a wonderful job on my “baby”. Very happy. Great body work. They even detailed the inside of my car, which I was not expecting. My weather tech mats were filthy when I dropped the car off, but they were sparking clean when I got the car. The little details make all the difference. Thanks again!!"

- Clara

"Professionally handled. Told me exactly what they would be doing. Told me when it would be done. Had a car rental person on premises. Top rating by BBB, "

"My son had a wreck and we had our car towed to Caliber. Caliber did not do work on the car due it being totaled but Derek was always very helpful when I called with questions. IF we ever need any work done on our cars I will go to Caliber in Temple off of Ave M." - Connie

"My truck was damaged after hitting a large animal on the freeway. It took off my whole bumper. My insurance company said I could take my truck anywhere and or go to places they suggested and that whatever went wrong with the vehicle that it would be cover by USAA. After a list of different places the insurance company suggested, I decided to take the vehicle to Calliber Collision in Temple, Tx. I get leary about banks and insurance compaies screwing you but when I arrived at this facility, I had met Mr. Glen Hutka and you couldn't ask to meet a better person. I met a few of the staff members who were very friendly. They called Enterprise for em and said it would take several days to fix my Sierra. The next day I received a call that my truck was finished. I thought, Oh no, not this fast. I expected to go and find some shoddy work. When I went to Caliber, I met Chuck and Glen and a secretary named Angie I believe, that I may be wrong on, but she was very pretty and did my paperwork. Chuck walked me out to my vehicle. My God, it looked brand new. You couldn't even tell I had hit anything. They even washed my truck for me.. I talked with Glen again, and only when I was leaving I find out he was the manager. If I had another accident, I would not hesitate to take my vehicle into Caliber. Oh before I forget I had several estimates done and They were about a 1,000 dollars more than Caliber. Caliber could of cheated me, but they didn't. Their bid was much lower. From what I observed from this company, they are very honest. If you have a problem with your vehicle, take it to these people. I do not think you would regret it." - Dale

"What a blessing. This is the way car repair should be !!!!!!!!" - Donna

"They have real good customer service!! My car looks brand new." - chris

"Back in March 2016 my car ran over a step ladder on I-35 going to work; it was obscured by dim light and shadows. Called my agent who gave me four recommended shops for the repair of my front end, and hearing about Caliber so much, I chose them. They operate like a 'boutique' shop, not only treating my car to excellent restoration...they treated ME wonderfully! The car was 'lovingly' restored back to great shape, and since then I can't stop talking about Caliber's M Street location. THANK YOU to all there, and keep up the excellent work!!" - Bill

Rated 4.875/5 based on 8 customer reviews.
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