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Well, winter sure did its worst, but spring has sprung and car care is soon to be in season. April is National Car Care month, and it’s the perfect time of year to make your vehicle in ship-shape before you ship off for your summer road trips. And as warm weather returns, it’s best to give your entire vehicle a little spring sprucing, from on the surface to under the hood. That’s where Caliber comes in: your passenger in making sure the road to a properly running vehicle is a smooth one. That’s why, this April, we’re going the extra mile for your spring cleaning needs by giving away $100 to five lucky winners as part of our National Car Care Month Sweepstakes.

Reasons to love national car car month. Visit our Facebook page starting April 1st, 2017.

When it comes to car care, $100 definitely goes a long way. For example, general maintenance: one of the most commonly forgotten areas for fixing up, but just because it’s under the hood doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. Basic maintenance, like changing your oil, topping off your fluids, or getting a car wash will make a world of difference in your car’s performance in the months ahead. Also, you’ll want to stay prepared for the inclement weather just around the bend. Those April showers are surely coming, but that’s no reason to let them rain on your parade. A fresh set of windshield wipers will keep your vision clear, even when the roads are not. With simple preventative actions like these, your vehicle is sure to drive like a dream in 2017.

Keep up with our National Car Care Month Sweepstakes, and we can keep your car up, running and looking fine. Starting on Saturday, April 1st, you can sign up on our Facebook page for your chance to be one of five $100 winners in our sweepstakes. The contest will run the full month, ending on April 31st, so keep an eye out to see if you’re one of our five lucky winners.

As always, thanks for letting us ride along for your journey. No matter the season, or the reason, we’ll be by your side through every twist and turn. We wish everyone the best of luck in the sweepstakes and, if your luck happens to fall short on the road, we’ll be there to restore the rhythm to your ride – and your life.