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Teammate Update

Good morning Team Caliber!

YOU are our #1 asset. YOU are part of our team and each of YOU play a key role in Caliber’s success.

The reason we are in business or our Purpose is to restore our customers to the rhythm of their lives. This takes teammates that are engaged, passionate, and committed to our Purpose every day with every customer. It also takes a company that realizes our internal customers/our teammates need to be restored to the rhythm of their lives as well. This is the only way we can achieve our commitment to have the best trained, most satisfied teammates in the industry.

This is the reason we launched our first ever culture survey through CultureIQ. Nearly 6,000 of you took the time to respond, providing us with meaningful insights into our strengths and opportunities to grow as an organization.

Next, we provided those results to AON Hewitt, a well-respected, global consulting firm specializing in unleashing the power of teammate engagement and satisfaction. AON conducted more than 20 in-person focus groups with more than 170 teammates across all of our regions and at all levels to dig even deeper into specific feedback gathered from the CultureIQ survey.

As promised, we are sharing the high-level results of the survey and focus group sessions.

Our Teammate Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Similar to how we ask our customers if they would recommend Caliber to family and friends based on their collision repair experience, we asked each of you the question, “How likely are you to recommend Caliber as a place to work?”

52% of teammates who responded to the survey gave us a 9 or 10, while 15% of teammates gave us a 5 or lower, which translates into a teammate net promoter score (eNPS) of 37. Although these results are above the established standard eNPS for a company of our size, it clearly shows we have opportunity for improvement.

In addition, 61% of all survey respondents rated Caliber as “strong” or “very strong” along the core culture questions in the survey which measure qualities that are common to high-performing organizations (including purpose and value alignment, work environment, performance focus, agility, etc.). While we are very proud of these results, we know that we can always best our best as we drive toward becoming the collision repair provider of choice in every community we serve. By living our Purpose every day, we expect to be the number one choice for customers, the employer of choice, and to become part of the fabric of every community we serve.

Three Main Themes

Diving deeper into the findings, here are the three main themes that emerge:

Strength of Our Purpose and Values. Our teammates rate Caliber’s purpose and core values as “strong” or “very strong” (65% of all respondents), and thrive when working collaboratively to “restore our customers to the rhythm of their lives.” This IS the reason Caliber is in business and defines who we are as a company. We will continue to communicate and reinforce this among all our teammates, especially those recently hired or acquired.

Core Support Programs in Place – But Not Widely Known. We have core initiatives in place that provide a foundation to strengthen our culture and team engagement, such as industry leading training & development programs. However, there is a huge opportunity to create greater awareness of these personal and professional growth programs across the entire company through better teammate communication and access.

Quality of Teammate Experience Varies Between Centers and is Highly Dependent on Leadership. High performing centers have a strong focus on people; when teammates are engaged, they help each other out and have a strong feeling of being part of a team or “family.” We have a huge upside opportunity that can be realized through greater training and support by our Center Managers and Regional Managers to drive a consistent, compelling, team-oriented experience for every teammate across each of our Centers.

Stated another way, we must be just as focused on delivering our purpose through better support of our teammates as we are on delivering this to our customers.

Next Steps

We have listened and are taking several near-term steps to act on what we learned from you including:

Training and Development. Even though we invest heavily in providing you with opportunities for continuous growth and professional development – investing more than $15M in training and development programs this year alone - what we clearly heard from you is that we need to do a better job of providing information about and easier access to these programs.

Starting with our Center Manager, we will immediately require that anyone who is selected for this position successfully completes our Leadership in High Gear training program before day 1 on the job, and our Platinum training within 90 days. Additionally, we will be re-rolling out our training and development courses and programs, and your leader will have a structured career planning discussion with you before the end of the year, identifying any opportunities to take advantage of company-sponsored training events.

Finally, we will record your career interests and goals, including interest in relocation, in Workday, so that when promotional opportunities arise, we can deliver on our commitment to look within our own ranks first.

Onboarding. We also heard from you that we need a standardized onboarding process that communicates our culture and creates buy-in from day one. By the end of October, we will be providing our leaders with a “New Teammate Success Guide” which will provide a framework – with flexibility – for leaders to use when onboarding a new teammate.

By mid-November, we will be utilizing a new hire survey to check in with our new teammates to see how we are doing with our onboarding approach, asking what else they may need to be successful.

Continuing to build on this New Teammate Success Guide, and taking into account the comments we receive in the survey, we will also be implementing a new onboarding process through Workday that will go far beyond completing forms, and will include an introduction to Caliber’s unique culture, training elements and videos about who we are as a company, all grounded in our core values.

Early in 2018, we will offer a new, formal mentoring program. For new hires, this will be focused on positioning them for success early in their Caliber Career. For existing teammates, this will be a part of a skills or development path.

Communication. Workplace engagement is largely driven by communication. We heard from you that we have an opportunity to do a better job at communicating with you.

Starting now, we will be communicating with you on a more regular basis, using a variety of new channels, while keeping in mind the need to balance the amount of information you receive. We will make sure that there are more opportunities to hear from you, too. We will be measuring our ongoing communication effectiveness through surveys and other tools, and making adjustments as needed.

I invite each of you to join us in this new dawn of Caliber teammate engagement based on your voice, your perceptions of Caliber (both good and bad) and your passion delivering on our purpose of Restoring The Rhythm of Lives – your lives, our customers’ lives and the lives of countless people in and around our communities.

Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for your participation and ongoing support of this truly amazing company as we continue on our journey to making Caliber the collision repair provider and employer of choice in every community we serve!

Steve Grimshaw
Chief Executive Officer

Mark Sanders
President and COO