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We’re proud of our commitment to restoring the rhythm of customers’ lives. But we’re not the only ones. Below, you’ll find real reviews from many of the hundreds of thousands of customers we’ve completely satisfied. In fact, we invite you to submit your own feedback right here on our site. It’s just one of the reasons your complete satisfaction isn’t just a goal. It’s what drives us.

"Caliber did an excellent job at fixing my rear bumper from a fender bender. Highly recommend them and it was all done in one day! I was worried the paint wouldn't match my vehicle since its a gray-blue, but they did an amazing job! Will recommend them to anyone that needs body work!" - Molly

"ALL the staff I dealt with were extremely courteous and helpful in every aspect of my dealings with them." - Joe

"Just wanted to say Zack took good care of my car and I am 100% satisfied with the repairs. Thank you all at Caliber" - Clarence

"I was really amazed at the view of my daughters car!! If you could have seen the before and after pictures you would be too!! The service guys and front office staff where great!! I would recommend this company to everyone!! Not wishing an accident on anyone but if it happens just send it to caliber collision!!" - Cynthia

"They did a great job repairing my truck. they matched the paint up perfectly and had it done in a timely manner. they also had rental cars at their location. I was very pleased with their work. Scott" - Scott