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We’re proud of our commitment to restoring the rhythm of customers’ lives. But we’re not the only ones. Below, you’ll find real reviews from many of the hundreds of thousands of customers we’ve completely satisfied. In fact, we invite you to submit your own feedback right here on our site. It’s just one of the reasons your complete satisfaction isn’t just a goal. It’s what drives us.

"I recently took my truck to the Narberth, PA location and was very pleased with the customer service and the attentive staff. On my visit I dealt with Dawn Krezel the office Admin. Dawn was very professional and curious the entire time. Lewis Korn was the gentleman that handled my warrantee work and showed excellent customer service and knowledge in the field. Both individuals were amazing and made my time there even better. They not only honored my warrantee work which was out of date, but even went the extra mile and fixed another issue on my vehicle free of charge. I haven't seen customer service like this in a very long time and will always recommend this place to all my friends and family. Thank you again for the excellent service. Your forever customer, Nick Thomas" - Farmer's Insurance

"Very satisfied with the results that Caliber accomplished on my truck. The paint match is perfect,they made the whole experience easy for me with the truck returned on the day that the Caliber service manager set for me!" - Patrick

"This location finished repairing my car (bad fender bender) 3 DAYS EARLY!!! Just before the snow storm. I was very impressed and thankful to save money on Uber rides. Great customer service, well managed. Heather is so friendly. Thank you Caliber Collisions!" - Amy

"My truck was damaged after hitting a large animal on the freeway. It took off my whole bumper. My insurance company said I could take my truck anywhere and or go to places they suggested and that whatever went wrong with the vehicle that it would be cover by USAA. After a list of different places the insurance company suggested, I decided to take the vehicle to Calliber Collision in Temple, Tx. I get leary about banks and insurance compaies screwing you but when I arrived at this facility, I had met Mr. Glen Hutka and you couldn't ask to meet a better person. I met a few of the staff members who were very friendly. They called Enterprise for em and said it would take several days to fix my Sierra. The next day I received a call that my truck was finished. I thought, Oh no, not this fast. I expected to go and find some shoddy work. When I went to Caliber, I met Chuck and Glen and a secretary named Angie I believe, that I may be wrong on, but she was very pretty and did my paperwork. Chuck walked me out to my vehicle. My God, it looked brand new. You couldn't even tell I had hit anything. They even washed my truck for me.. I talked with Glen again, and only when I was leaving I find out he was the manager. If I had another accident, I would not hesitate to take my vehicle into Caliber. Oh before I forget I had several estimates done and They were about a 1,000 dollars more than Caliber. Caliber could of cheated me, but they didn't. Their bid was much lower. From what I observed from this company, they are very honest. If you have a problem with your vehicle, take it to these people. I do not think you would regret it." - Dale

"My Sienna had substantial damage to the right side, including the sliding door & rear quarter panel from a parking lot accident. My van is a handicapped van & the repair involved removing the sliding door plus the sliding floor mechanism & it worked perfectly after the repair was finished. The personel were very friendly & helpful & I can't say enough about the quality of the repair. The paint job was as good as any factory one IMO. I highly recommend Caliber Collision to anyone needing minor or major body repair." - Larry