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Auto Body Shop: San Antonio - Non-Drive North Location

11511 Old Perrin Beitel Rd. San Antonio, TX 78217 By Appointment Only

San Antonio - Non-Drive North  Details

Caliber Collision’s San Antonio - Non-Drive North location is a Caliber Non-Drive facility designed to more efficiently and effectively repair vehicles that have experienced significant damage during an accident or mishap.

About  San Antonio - Non-Drive North

Our San Antonio - Non-Drive North location is comprised of Non-Drive collision repair teams specially trained to determine the extent of a large repair, properly estimate the cost of the repair and then repair the vehicle back to certified pre-accident condition using the latest in parts and repair technologies.

Caliber’s San Antonio - Non-Drive North location is just another way that Caliber is restoring our customers to the rhythm of their lives through new collision repair innovations like the Caliber Non-Drive facility.

To schedule an appointment to pick up valuables left behind in an accident or to discuss the repair of your vehicle, simply call 1.888.CALIBER (225-4237) and we’ll set up a convenient time for you to come by.


Windshield Repair
Auto Glass Repair
Collision Repair
Paintless Dent Repair
Fender Repair
Dent Removal
Bumper Repair
Paint Repair



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- Katherine ZapataNov 11, 2019

"I had the pleasure of working with Greg on a damage claim. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He always called back and answered my questions. I didn't get any work done in the end because my insurance company wouldn't cover the cost, but that's not on Caliber Collision. My car was safely stored with out a scratch and well taken care of. Best of all, Caliber didn't charge me and Greg told me how to fix a problem with my vehicle. Highly recommended!"

- Jacob LapeNov 8, 2019

"They have good prices and do great work."

- Lynda WynnOct 19, 2019

"They took great care of my car after my collision with a german shepherd."

- Lynda WynnSep 16, 2019

"Taking great care of my car and give updates every couple of days."

- The CauseAug 30, 2019

"Greg was assigned to my claim and provided the best customer service imaginable. The kind of service I thought no longer existed. They did an amazing job and in an extremely timely fashion. Exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend this business and specifically this location! Thank you Greg and Caliber Team!"

- Wendy Sue HerculesJul 8, 2019

"Excellent service! Can't even see where the truck was crunked 😁"

- Carol I.Jun 13, 2019

"Well not a review that I want to write as I had to say goodbye to one of my greatest loves at Caliber Collision. I write this review still in tears... I stopped in twice to check on my car. Both times the different employees were sympathetic and empathetic with me as I was devastated. First time was to pick up some belongings as they said it was going to take longer than expected to access the damages (and that it was getting close to being totaled). Second time was to pick up the rest of my belongings. *** Sigh *** On both visits, it was explained to me that the car did exactly what it was designed to do, to protect me. I see it as a design flaw making the cars too disposable, but this is no way a reflection of Caliber. They explained that they do not wish to total a car as they loose business. They also explained to me in great detail why the car ended up being a total loss and wasn't worth a buy out to fix on my own. *** Sigh *** More tears are rolling while I'm writing... This location is specifically for tow ins... just off Perrin-Beitel and Naco-Perrin. I wish my State Farm insurance would have known that from the beginning as it took an extra week to go from one location to this location when they all knew I was towing it in the first place. Again, this isn't Caliber's fault. The estimator at this location was upfront with me from the beginning informing me that the repair would take awhile and if I had a rental car through my insurance that it was probably only good for a couple of weeks and they wouldn't be able to cover the rental if I need it longer. Oh gosh, that wasn't a good sign. Caliber Collision came recommended by several people and if you look at their Broadway location reviews, high number with high stars... and I'm thinking "who reviews collision places?" so it gave me more confidence in this business. I wrote nine little love notes that I hid all over my car as I said my goodbyes, see pic: Ho'oponopono (Hawaiian prayer) I love you I am sorry Please forgive me Thank you I hope that I will never need their services again. Although if I do, I would not hesitate to bring our auto back here. *** Did you know? *** A little SA history... all the roads in town with a hyphen name were named for farm to farm roads, such as Perrin farm to Beitel farm. Perrin farm was in this very area off Old Perrin-Beitel Rd. Beitel farm was around the opposite end around Austin Hwy close to Beitel Lutheran Church. The Beitel family donated a piece of their land for the church. Jones-Maltsburger is another example of a farm to farm road."

- anonymousJun 13, 2019

"Well not a review that I want to write as I had to say goodbye to one of my greatest loves at Caliber Collision. I write this review still in tears... I stopped in twice to …"

- Lee HernandezJan 18, 2019

"Very quick and communicative with their clients and the insurance companies!!"

Rated 4.75/5 based on 8 customer reviews.
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